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30's and 40's

The big band sound and swing dancing take the country by storm. There has recently been a resurgence of interest in swing dancing in the Phoenix metro area, and venues can be found on most weekends. We have a fantastic selection of Vintage swing dresses, Zoot suits, and sailors, and a phenomenal wig designer who can craft the perfect style for you. 1930's Make up keynotes for women are high, arched, thin eyebrows, and coolly bowed dark lips. For the gentleman, short hair, and small, narrow moustaches with a gap in the center.

Burlesque has been experiencing a revival as well as Pin-Up girls. Currently, the pendulum appears to be swinging back to a more seductive and imaginative look as opposed to the blatant sexuality of the past few years. We carry an ever increasing inventory of corsets, waist cinchers, and bodices, for sale and for rent. And we also custom build.

We have begun manufacturing our own line, called Faerie Corset Tree, using vintage lace from vintage wedding dresses. They are extraordinarily unique, beautiful, and versatile. We also have the cutest new Pin-Up girls for sale. We have studied each and every one that is available from the ready made market and we have selected only those that meet our strict criteria: Cute, fit well, good construction, fabric, and, value.

Recognizable personalities from the 1930's and 40's include the Andrews Sisters, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Betty Page, and Jimmy Durante.

Musical theater loves this decade, with all of the following Broadway shows set between the 1930's and 40's; Anything Goes, Annie, Cabaret, Guys and Dolls, Mame, The Sound of Music, and Singin in the Rain.