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70's and 80's

As with all costuming and fashion, the further we get from an era, the more narrowly it becomes defined in the current cultural psyche. Disco defines the 70's, cocaine and excess the 80's. Imagine doing the Hustle all night at Studio 54 in New York sporting wrap around dresses, jumpsuits, and, afros. The 80's saw an explosion of neon, petticoats as skirts, granny boots, fishnets and all manner of leggings and leg warmers, lace and mesh mitts, high asymetrical ponytails, hair bows, off the shoulder tops, and corsets/bodices.

M.T.V. now becomes a driving fashion source and over the top costuming becomes the ideal. Surely Cher sets the lead, followed closely by Madonna, Cindy Lauper, Prince, and Michael Jackson (RIP).

Male soul groups such as The Commodores and the Temptations popularize pastel tuxedos, and 70's proms were filled with them!

The ever popular Pimp is based in the 1980's, with wildly colored suits, hats, platform shoes, and bling! And of course, the 80's rockers; Twisted Sister and Slash, to name a few, with their rocker hair-dos, studded jewlery, sunglasses, and tattoos. The Villiage People are a great gig if you've a group to costume, and everyone adores John Travolta's white suit.

Popular T.V. shows include Saturday Night Live with Rosane Rosanadana, the Opera Singer, and the Cone Heads, the Addams Family, the Munsters, the Brady Bunch, and Dark Shadows. Many of the shows mentioned in the 1950's and 60's continue in popularity.