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Dressing as an ancient is a pleasure. For the women, the gowns are forgiving, the shoes are comfortable, and the headresses are light. Men delight in fantasies of power and significance. Everyone feels more earthy, grounded, and raucous. Toga, toga, toga! Gladiators and Goddesses, Greeks and Romans, Vikings, Egyptians, and cave people.

Although they are not pictured here, we have an extensive collection of soldiers, centurions, and gladiators for men, and warrior goddesses for women. We also have the most fabulous Viking couple's costume you've ever seen!

We have some brand new cave people and Viking costumes for sale constructed out of a soft, beautiful fabric with a lovely hand.

Cleopatra and Mark Antony are perennial favorites and we have a myriad of unique costume options for them.

Cleopatra and ancient Egyptian men wore virtually identical make up; extended black eyebrows and eyelines; green, turquoise, or terracotta eyeshadow; and exaggerated black wigs and headpieces.