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"Around the World in 80 Days" A voluminous category that conceivably is the most flexible, enlightening, and engaging theme of all. Your guests are given the world to explore, regardless of time periods and restricting silhouettes. They can explore their heritage, engage in cultural fantasies, and imagine themselves in another time and place.

As we walk the aisles of Mardi Gras Costume Shop, we find Austrians and Germans, (perfect for Oktorberfest and beloved by all), Africans, Koreans, Mexicans (Mariachis, the Three Amigos, Peasants, Bandelleros, Folklorical Dancers), Irish, Dutch, Scottish, Arabians, Chinese, Japanese (Geishas, Suzy Wong, Ninjas), Morrocans, East Indians (Bollywood), Czech Republicans, Greeks, Native Americans, Spanish Conquistadors, Zorro, and, Flamenco Dancers.

We have a special fondness for authentic Tribal Belly Dancing Costumes/Outfits and have unique and handcrafted; skirts, bras, belts, necklaces, hip scarves, swords, headpieces, anklets, and, bracelets, incorporating bells, cowry shells, vintage silver, glass beads, trade beads, fringe, and tassels.

Our collection of men's Arabian costumes/outfits is equally authentic, and more expansive, as it includes Kings, Princes, Sultans, Horsemen, and, Genies.

We are grateful to work closely with Michael's Catering and the Arabian Horse Venue.

We also custom build costumes for horses and their riders for the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show.