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Fairy and Fantasy

If you are blessed with a wild imagination, this just may be the category for you. All sorts of fanciful creatures await you. Mermaids, Vampires, Zombies, Dragons, Wee Folk, Witches, Hobbits, Ogres, and Fairies, of course. Fairy's, with their wings, can be anything- sweet, dark, flowery, earthy, messy, confused.

Perhaps you would like to be a Warrior Godddess, a Jester, a Shaman, a Shape Shifter, a Troll; Neptune, Mother Earth, Medusa, a Cirque du Soliel character, a Genie, Pan, or, the Jolly Green Giant.

The beauty of Mardi Gras Costume Shop's rental department is we let our customers in! You can rummage around finding items that spark inspiration; frequently in this category our customers will begin by falling in love with one of our many spectacular headpieces. Then, along with our superb costumers, you begin the hunt. Some wings perhaps, or a tail, how about some ogre feet? A sexy corset, a Venetian mask, a petticoat, a pink or purple wig. Some feathers, how about antennae? Then off to prosthetics, for some ear tips, or an upturned nose perhaps. A Fantasy make up wheel, some glitter.

When you're looking this good, you need a weapon for protection.