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Can you provide costumes for a wide variety of themed events?
We pride ourselves on the variety of characters we are able to offer within a given theme. A Western shin dig, for example, includes not only cowboys and saloon hall gals, but Mexicans, Spaniards, Native Americans, proper ladies and gents, gamblers, miners, madams and outlaws. This strategy works best, as it accommodates varying levels of participation and comfort, and results in a more interesting and memorable event.
What services do you provide for off-site events?
You can rest assured when you contract with Mardi Gras Costume Shop for any off-site event, every facet will be taken care of professionally. We are preferred vendors for the internationally recognized resorts in Scottsdale and Phoenix and as such, we are experienced in delivery, complete set-up, breakdown, and professional on-site costuming. Plus, we'll even give you our cell phone numbers, and, answer!
Do you rent costumes for theatrical productions?
We stock the majority of money-making shows, and have the capability of building specialty items as requested. We are unique in that we have the children's costumes required for many popular shows, for example The Sound of Music and The King and I. Click here for Paul's bio.
Do you rent accessories?
Absolutely. Sometimes you may only want a corset, headpiece, boa, shoes, weapon, or petticoat to complete your costume.
Can I go into your rental department and create my own costume?
Yes. Most of our customers are creative people who have wonderful ideas. And if you're stuck, or desire input, our designers are brilliant!
Can I reserve a costume in advance?
We encourage advanced reservations. Customers "in the know" rent months in advance of their event.
Do I have to come into your shop to reserve a costume?
No. We gladly reserve costumes by phone, fax, and e-mail, with a signed contract.
What if I cancel my reservation?
We charge you $15.00 if you cancel more than three days prior to your pick-up date. After that, we do not offer refunds.
What is your rental period?
Our normal rental period is 3 days. You pick up, or we deliver, your costumes the day before your event, and return them the day after. Kindly note that our competitors' rental period is 24 hours! We want you to enjoy your costume and event, not stress out about it.
What happens if I lose or damage my costume?
We bill current replacement cost for lost costumes. Charges for damaged costumes are based on whether the costume is repairable or not, and how the damage will affect the life of the costume.
Do you do alterations?
Simple alterations are included in the rental charge. Extensive alterations are billed according to time and complexity.
Do you style wigs?
Most certainly. Our own, rental and retail, or yours if you wish.
Do you sell wigs?
We carry the finest costume wigs available in the marketplace. We frequently special order and have many vendors to choose from. We carry an economy line of afros, historical characters, and clowns.
Do you sell sexy costumes?
Aye, clearly we adore the make believe world and we don't restrict ourselves to one night per year! We also have shoes and boots, fishnets galore, sensuous hand dyed boas and other accessories for fantasy play. Express your mood tonight!
Can I return my retail purchase?
Rest easy, we have a generous return policy. Masks, wigs, make-up and hosiery are not returnable for obvious reasons.
Do you have makeup?
We carry theatrical and film makeup from all the major lines, including Ben Nye, Krylon, and Mehron. We also stock a complete selection of brushes, applicators, removers, adhesives, latex, body paint, pro noses, facial hair, teeth, horns and prosthetics. Special orders are available. Click here to view Dave's bio.
Do you carry Society for Creative Anachronism approved garments?
We carry SCA approved garments, weaponry, and shoes from a variety of quality craftsmen.
Do you rent full body characters, such as teddy bears, dogs, and bunnies, etc.?
Yes indeedy. And fish, ice cream cones, aliens, and realistic lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!
Do you rent Santas and other holiday costumes?
We are renowned for our beautifully hand styled wigs and beards that are included with our plush fur and velvet Santas. We also have an extensive collection of all the major holiday costumes and over 100 bunnies for your Easter events.