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Mascots are full of fun and folly and always bring smiles to everyone. They are transformative to the wearer, who seem all of a sudden to be jolly and light on their feet! Perhaps they remind us of our childhoods, when we really believed. Mascots are great for children's birthday parties, visits to hospitals, and parades.

Mascots also provide marvelous branding for all business'; Ronald McDonald, the Fruit of the Loom characters, and Jack (in the box) illustrate how successfully mascots can be, dare we say, exploited? And, how bout' that Easter Bunny!

We also custom build mascots if you use an image in your marketing. We built the mascot for Insight, and have been approached by Cox Commuications to build their new spaceman. We also built costumes of our two Venetian Red Ladies, if you see us come say, "Hi, Life's More Fun in Costume!"