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Absolutely everyone loves pirates. This is a genre that takes place year round, throughout the world. We have a particular fondness for pirates as well, and are continually searching and buying whatever we can find, and building what we cannot. We have built several coats, waist coats and sashes to reproduce those worn by Johnny Depp as well as many representations of the colonial style dress that Kyra Knightly wore in the Pirates of the Caribbean. We also work closely with a Will Turner impersonator, and have purchased hand made leather hats that duplicate those seen in the movies.

A pirate party makes a great theme. Something is available for all ages, comfort level, body type, and budget. Everyone likes to talk like a pirate, there is great music available, and all you really need to serve is rum!

Pirates are also good choices for business related events. Like cowboys and cowgirls, everyone feels good in their presence.

Pirates go very fast at Halloween, so we recommend coming in early for the best selection. We are very proud to have built the costumes for Blackbeard: The Musical, which played recently at the Herberger, and hopefully, is on it's way to Broadway!