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In this category, we have highlighted Las Vegas Showgirls. We admire their commitment to our entertainment. Their ability to negotiate their costumes, shoes, headpieces, and, backpacks is astounding. We have on staff, an authentic Las Vegas Showgirl, who is a master beauty consultant. Wigs, wig styling, hair adornments, false eye lashes, eye liner, eye shadow, eye jewels, facial highlights, body jewels and bindi, glitter, lipstick, liners and gloss, jewelry, hosiery, and, shoes; it's our mission to spotlight your best qualities.

1920's Burlesque, 1930's and 40's Pin Up Girls (Sailors and Army), Cabaret a.k.a. Moulin Rouge, Can Can Girls, and Rockabilly models are the current trends for showgirls. We stock the best available collection of ready to wear Pin Up girls. We have an ever expanding inventory of corsetry and bodices, custom, rental, and for purchase.

We strive to have on hand, available year round, all the accessories showgirls need on a regular basis. Petticoats, hosiery, shoes, gloves, panties, masks, wigs, eyelashes and glue, make up, tattoo's, tattoo cover up, and, bindi.