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When you wear a Superhero costume you feel empowered, brave, and, courageous. Strong and able, your evening is devoid of contradictions; you fight for the well being of others, good and evil clearly defined. As a Superhero, you will find that many people want to be around you, as they, too, feel safe and secure in your presence.

It is also great fun to dress as the nemesis of superheros. Especially if you're feeling frisky, a little bit wicked, and like to amuse yourself, and others.

This is a great category for young people to wear, while their bodies are fit and flexible.

We enjoy a remarkable number of Superheros, and, their enemies including:

Batman, the Joker, and, the Riddler
Poison Ivy
Cat Woman
Power Rangers
Dick Tracy and Breathless Mahoney
Evil Kneival
Captain America
Superman and Superwoman
The Incredibles
Wonder Woman
Xena, and,
Duff Man, doh!