Beauty and the Beast - Costume Rental

Our costumes for Beauty and the Beast follow Disney's adapted theater musical. This is a magical tale where the audience is asked to follow along with Belle as she engages with the Beast, his transformed servants and all the inanimate objects that come to life to help Belle, the beauty, release the Beast from his curse.

All of the main characters are our own creations and are original costume designs from the build staff at Mardi Gras Costume Shop.

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Beauty and the Beast full cast


About the Costume
We stock both of Belle's dresses, her simple town dress as well as her elegant ball gown. Each dress is hand constructed using the finest materials and retains the classic Disney look.

About the Character
Belle is one of the title characters in Beauty and the Beast. Her compassionate nature endears the audience and allows her to truly love the Beast for who he is, which breaks the sorceress' spell.

The Beast

About the Costume
The Beast's costume is the most interesting of this production because it allows the costume designer and director to make more choices about his look. Our interpretation includes a gorgeous coat along with a handmade headpiece. The headpiece has an open face for comfort and to allow the actor to deliver his lines more clearly. The headpiece has integrated horns and wig as well.

About the Character
Like Belle, the Beast is one of the title characters of this show. His tough exterior is built around his self-loathing. Belle teaches him compassion, and falls in love with him, breaking the spell allowing them to live happily ever after.


About the Costume
Cogsworths' enchanted costume is hand made of light weight plywood and poster board. There are adjustable straps at the shoulders with a removable key for the back. The clock face opens with the pendulum swinging freely. There are 2 versions of the sides that separate the front and back. One is simple and reduces the weight of the costume to 17lbs. The second version is much more elaborate and brings the total weight to 21lbs. Cogsworth is easily collapsible for ease of storage and shipping.

About the Character
Cogsworth is the Beast's energetic and loyal man servant. He is transformed into a pendulum clock when the enchantress curses the beast. His role is of an endearing enchanted character who competes with Lumiere to free the Beast from his spell.


About the Costume
The Wardrobes' enchanted costume is hand made from light weight plywood, poster board and 1" foam. It is covered with upholstery fabric and embellished with architectural details. The front of the cabinet is hinged and both doors open to reveal 3 drawers with the middle drawer opening to allow the actor to reach the dress that she stores there. It has adjustable padded straps with removable legs for those who can support the weight of 31lbs.

About the Character
The Wardrobe is the enchanted version transformed from the former opera singer of the Beast's castle. She is aloso known as Madame de la Grande Bouche.


About the Costume
Lumiere's enchanted costume is quite elaborate. His candelabra hands are composed of light weight plastic and plywood with a faux, lit candle (real wax). The candlelight is generated by small LEDs and is powered by AAA batteries and contains an integrated on/off switch for the actor to easily power on and off the lights.

About the Character
Lumiere is the Beast's eccentric maitre d'. He is Cogsworth's main rival and the object of Babette's affection. He is a romantic character, often taking pause to appreciate beauty and elegance.


About the Costume
Babette's dress is a custom velvet dress, apron, and hat with an ostrich feather fringe that drags the floor, giving the appearance of a real feather duster.

About the Character
Babette is the castle's maid and Lumiere's girlfriend. She is a precocious, flirtatious character who can easily steal the show.

Mrs. Potts

About the Costume
Mrs. Potts' is a lightweight and brilliantly constructed piece. It is composed of a series of hoop skirts overlaid with the same fabric as the wardrobe. The costume moves beautifully, and includes a firm arm sleeve to give the appearance of a teapot.

About the Character
Mrs. Potts is the matronly head of the Beast's castle. She is kind hearted and caring, and is extremely welcoming to both Belle and Maurice.

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