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Wow! This is a big category used for a variety of purposes. Children love to dress up as Firemen, Astronauts, Doctors, Race Car Drivers, and, Cops and Robbers. Especially now, in our age of "virtual" everything, children rejoice in the opportunity to put on a costume and go out and play! For adults, uniforms are a simple and non controversial costume for work related events. Adults also enjoy uniforms for fantasy play.

Firemen, Cops, Border Guards, Sheriffs, Bobbies, Mounties, Pilots, Civil War, World War I and II, German Officers, Camoflauge, Air Force, Astronauts, Army, Marines, Sailors, Convicts, Surgeons, Nurses, Doctors, Patients, Maids and Butlers, Nuns, Cardinals, Popes, Priests, and, Monks, Chefs, Soda Jerks, Waitress', Straight Jackets, and, Vintage Baseball uniforms are all available.