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The Victorian age for women was chacterized by elegant and graceful gowns embellished lavishly with frills, flounces, lace, braid, fringe, ruche, and ribbons. Fans, hats, gloves, and, parasols finished the look.

For the Victorian gentleman, as quoted by Mark Twain, "Clothes make the man...Naked people have little or no influence in society." Frock coats, top hats, vests, and ascots.

The Wild West in the U.S.A. took place during the Victorian age. We enjoy an extensive collection from gunslingers and society ladies to outlaws and shady ladies . Please view our Western Gallery for more outfits from this period.

The Victorian era also has influenced fashion, both within the costuming genre, and on the street. Many Vampire, Goth, and Punk devotees draw inspiration from the 1800's, as well as the Lolita fashions so popular in Japan and with Anime fans. The Harajuku girls, Madonna, and, Gwen Stefani have popularized the undergarments of the age, most notably the corsetry; tight laced and steel boned, and miserably uncomfortable! "Breathing is over rated", quipped one of our former designers!

We have begun to manufacture our own line of corsetry, called Faerie Corset Tree, that is extraordinarily versatile, beautiful, and infinitely more comfortable, yet captures the look so many women are searching for today.

Notable people of the Victorian time period are Queen Victoria, Alexander Bell, Sigmund Freud, Vincent Van Gogh, Marie Curie, H.G. Wells, Anton Chekov, Kaiser Wilhelm, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, and Jack the Ripper.

Broadway musicals set in this era include Hello Dolly, Jekyll and Hyde, Oliver, Around the World in 80 Days, and My Fair Lady.